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What do we do?

Improving work performance, communication, teamwork, resilience and drive by focusing on the basis of every process: the inreaction between people.

Interactions are the starting point for all our relations, both in work and private. Within our role as a leader, working in teams as well as withing friendship and intimate relationshoips, the interaction with the other is a key determining factor for succes.

Based on a new vision and a new concept, PersonalPeaksoffers change, inspiration en optimization for you and your employees, and for you and your personal relations. We do focus on the person and on real personal development: which is the basis for personal leadership, which in turn is the foundations for all the interactions in your life. And which is also the basis for authentic leadership and team development, and generates a different atmosphere and culture within the organisation, and within private relationships.


Scientifically proven long-term behavioral change: interactions at a higher level, open, honest, more direct, being able to share everything.

We create higher returns within work and private relations: real cooperation in which everyone plays an equal part, higher work performance due to a better atmosphere, less absence due to mental struggles, fewer physical complaints due to openness, less ego, a more powerful vision.


Using our SEEN method (a new concept in consulting and coaching), active participation and REAL open and honest examples in nature, we focus on the real foundation. Which are both the cause AND effect of ineffective patterns and strategies that stand in our way to real personal growth. From there we work on optimizing the person, relationships and interactions.

During workshops & training we use parts of this method.


We advise companies and organisations with HR questions.

The foundation of companies and organisations are our emloyees, and the interactions they have with each other. If we want to improve and optimize, that is where we have to start.

But wad does your company need? More communication? A different structure? Or a clearer example from above?

  • What do employees need to work more efficiently?
  • Teams only work well if they reallly work together, listen to each other, give each other space, accept other ideas…but do we really do that?
  • Leadership only works if WE as a leader know what we stand for, and also show this example.

We view, advise and change companies and organisations if necessary. We usually do this using the following three methods:


Coaching Individual

In depth and/or at altitude!

We organize individual coaching for private and business clients. Preferably outside, but also possible on location.


Coaching Journeys

Private & Business

A few days away with a complete focus on yourself and/or your team. That is the power of a coaching trip in the Alps or in the Netherlands.



Workshops & Training

A tailor-made program for a part of the day. Inspiration from extreme mountaineering, working on ourselves through assignments and presentations. For a first step towards development.


To speak out, you have to know what to speak about.

To stand up for your beliefs, you have to know the beliefs you stand for.

To walk the talk, you have to have a talk to walk.

To do what you say, you have to know what you want to say.

To earn and sustain personal credibility, you must first be able to clearly articulate deeply held beliefs.

Kouzes & Posner (The Leadership Challenge, 2012)

Our approach is unique and substantiated. Curious about the backgrounds and why we work this way?
  • FAQ: Why do we work de way we do? Scientific explanation of ouw work (in Dutch).
  • Research June 2019:A muti-day adventyre based leadership program has ensured a strong long-term positive change of the participants, with an increase in personal leadership in the areas of self-awareness, self-efficacy and authentic leadership, which was still visible after more than 6 months.
  • Research June 2021:A significant increase in personal resilence and flexibility in dealing with difficult situations, which is directly related to work performance. In addition, it is related to less absence of work and being able to deal better with private and work related setbacks.’

The coaching from PersonalPeaks is based on the SEEN-method.

A new and evidence based coaching method designd by Roeland van Oss en Jennie Pouwels.

More info about this method can be found in the FAQ.


Our deepest need is to be SEEN!

M. Williamson

Mount Everest 2023

In the spring of 2023, we from PersonalPeaks will go on an expedition to Mount Everest. During this expedition, our goal is to give a picture of what open and honest cooperation kooks like under extremely complex circumstances, which for us is based in a goodrelationship and good interaction.

Interaction and relationships are the foundation of business success, but also success within private relationships. It has more influence on the final result and the performance than often thought.

During this expedition we will show how great the infkuence of interaction is on success and how we should deal with each other to achive synergie.

Join us for this unique journey! Follow us on this page. 

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No planned journey’s or workshops at the moment For more info, get in touch with us!

Jennie Pouwels - Roeland van Oss

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