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We believe that there is a power that can radiate from yourself to help you to achieve happiness and goals. A power that is hidden in good communication and connection with others. We stand for genuinely effective coaching taking personal development as the starting point, discovering the strength that emerges from the natural environment of the mountains and an open, pure attitude of the coach. We offer coaching in the field of personal leadership, leadership development and team development, for both individuals and company’s. We also organize training and education for companies and educational institutions who, just like us share our belief in the power of personal development, and want to learn how to work effectively that way.

Often we focus on the consequences and first try to influence them in order to achieve our goal, we overlook the real cause. The foundation of personal leadership is the individual, and underlying leadership and team development is essential the interaction between people. Therefore the starting point and motivation for improvement must come from within. This is why personal leadership is central to many leadership theories. 


But the process of personal development is not always easy. We have to face our own fears and limitations, and we also must be able to acknowledge our strengths and feelings. Besides seeing these aspects, It is key that we can analyse honestly how these influence our behaviour. The programs we offer are based on experience, literature & research, and they are always designed around three main elements:


The Self

It starts with yourself. We’ll work on that first and it will be the central theme. Research has shown that good leadership starts with yourself. What drives me, what are my needs and how do my feelings and emotions influence my interactions with the other? Self-awareness, self-effectiveness and authenticity form the foundation for both personal leadership and functioning within team, and the form the basis of good leadership within organizations.




Adventure Based

The environment has a huge influence on how we think and how creative we are. The natural environment of the mountains helps encourage an open mind, improves our focus and results in faster, deeper learning. In the mountains, we use adventurous outdoor activities as part of a holistic coaching process. Though enjoyable, the focus of the activities is what we can learn from them with clear and direct feedback. 




Leading by Example

We firmly believe in leading by example. Participating and demonstrating authentic exemplary behaviour encourages the others to do the same and creates a safe, open environment. Communicating and justifying your vision of personal leadership, inspiring and facilitating participants to learn, act and reflect in this open way are essential for achieving your goals and results. These are some of the main characteristics of good leadership, as outlined in many management books but often not applied effectively in coaching.

To speak out, you have to know what to speak about.

To stand up for your beliefs, you have to know the beliefs you stand for.

To walk the talk, you have to have a talk to walk.

To do what you say, you have to know what you want to say.

To earn and sustain personal credibility, you must first be able to clearly articulate deeply held beliefs.

Kouzes & Posner (2012)

Our way of coaching is unique and supported. Curious about the background why we work this way? Take a look at FAQ and read our latest research!

Hut-to-Hut journey – Autumn 2021

Coaching week toward Personal Leadership

Do you also want to give better direction to your life, set personal goals and achieve them? Do you want to ensure that happiness and success do not arrive by chance, but by your own work and input? Do you want to lead your team in a more natural way, increase the work performance of yourself and your employees and really be able to manage this?

Then join us in the Alps for a coaching week towards personal development; self-awareness, self-efficacy and authentic leadership……the ingredients for more happiness, insights and success in life and work. We will work on and increase these proven factors for success with our substantiated program: we reached significant positive results, even visible after 6 months, scientifically proven.

For more information about the content of the program and the location, please click here!

* Depending on the covid-19 situation, we will decide where our journey will take place.

” Various topics such as connection, vulnerability and shame were addressed (during our journey towards personal development) and exactly when we got to essence of these topics Roeland and Jennie dare to ask questions. Always based on acceptance and respect (for the choices) of the other. We learned to fully accept not only ourselves but also others. Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we will ever do. Roeland and Jennie know what is meant by “owning your story”. As a guide, coach, but above all as a person, Roeland and Jennie know how to inspire you. I hope you get the chance to find out what this means for you!”

(participant August 2020)

Jennie Pouwels - Roeland van Oss


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