In addition to our coaching programs, we will provide in-company training and training for educational institutions focussed on personal and team development of employees. For organizations and institutions with an educational aspect, we also offer training in which the design and implementation of programs in the area of personal growth, dependent on the needs of the organization, is central.

Depending on the objective and the organization, these training courses can be be designed in close consultation with each other. 

Incompany training – Inspiration Day

A day within the organisation in which we inspire you with examples of Personal Development – Leadership – Teamwork. With the help of various methods, custom made to the goal of your organization, you will work on the awareness-raising processes around these themes yourself. 

  • Inspiration lecture
  • Tailored to issues/needs within the organization
  • Working on your own weaknesses
  • Programs can be half a day – day – several days

In order to develop effective leadership behavior, it is essential that the leader first learns to understand himself before he can be effective.

George (2003) 

Educational Training

Our programs have proven themselves within various educational institutions and can be a significant step in the development of pupils and students. Within our education, we focus on the building blocks that enable you to optimally organize the educational process with a view to personal growth and adventure based outdoor education. Among other things, we provide training in the area of personal development & self-responsibility and how to shape this within the curriculum. 

  • Experience for yourself what such a programs can do to you
  • Experiencing the added value for pupils/students
  • Take a a look behind the scenes of the programs and get tips/tools for designing it yourself.

Training courses for educational organizations on personal leadership, team development and leadership development are offered on a custom made basis, and for each organization the issues that are important for that specific organization are examined. 


Coaching Week – Personal Leadership

Hut-to-Hut journey – Summer 2021

In addition to the business programs, we regularly offer coaching programs on te basis of individual registration.  During this week you will work on your own personal development in order to achieve personal leadership.

Do you also want to give better direction to your life, set personal goals and achieve them? Do you want to ensure that happiness and success do not arrive by chance, but by your own work and input? Do you want to lead your team in a more natural way, increase the work performance of yourself and your employees and really be able to manage this?

Then join us in week 33 to the Alps for a coaching week towards personal development; self-awareness, self-efficacy and authentic leadership……the ingredients for more happiness, insights and success in life and work. We will work on and increase these proven factors for success with our substantiated program: we reached significant positive results, even visible after 6 months, scientifically proven.

For more information about the content of the program and the location, please click here!

* Depending on the covid-19 situation, we will decide where our journey will take place.

” Various topics such as connection, vulnerability and shame were addressed (during our journey towards personal development) and exactly when we got to essence of these topics Roeland and Jennie dare to ask questions. Always based on acceptance and respect (for the choices) of the other. We learned to fully accept not only ourselves but also others. Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we will ever do. Roeland and Jennie know what is meant by “owning your story”. As a guide, coach, but above all as a person, Roeland and Jennie know how to inspire you. I hope you get the chance to find out what this means for you!”

(participant August 2020)

Jennie Pouwels - Roeland van Oss

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